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Our Philosophy
Growing progressively and silently, we’ve made a mark in the Ayurveda and herbal international. Our electricity lies in the nice of our merchandise, delivered by way of a team of devoted specialists, made in stringent GMP conditions, dispensed by using following ethical practices. We consider that desirable fitness have to be on hand to absolutely everyone, and we attempt to make this feasible through our commitment to technology-driven herbal healthcare.

Business Operations
PMD’s commercial enterprise operations spread all over India. Our deliver chain is thru Redistribution Stockists in numerous states.

Production Section
Our Processing segment is nicely prepared with the modern technologies to complement the producing manner. though all method religiously follows the instruction referred to in historic manuscripts, the incorporation of modern-day technology enables us to enhance manufacturing capacity and keeps the purity of the herbs and vegetation used, without compromising quality.

Raw Material Section
In Ayurvedic drugs all raw materials are derived from natural assets. they may be from plant source, animal supply or from minerals. Synthetically prepared substances aren’t integrated at some point of any level of training. The herbs are sourced from genuine cultivators located all over the usa and undergo stringent nice tests before popularity of manufacturing.

PMD healthcare Companies has been offering excellence in manufacture and exports of Herbal formulations .

PMD healthcare became commenced with a imaginative and prescient to be a leading country wide herbal Healthcare organization, enhancing first-class of lifestyles. The project of PMD is to offer standardized and researched natural healthcare products. Our relentless emphasis on great, hygiene, conventional values and brand new technology at the side of non-stop up-gradation of the unit and upholding high moral requirements has ensured us pre-eminent function in the ayurvedic medication market. At present our unit manufactures extra than a hundred special Ayurvedic drugs.

A PMD product offers customers an warranty of the best in pleasant. PMD sticks out as a emblem call that denotes agree with and dependability. We at PMD prescribed drugs are determined to take Ayurvedic medicines to the realms of scientific research, improvement and manufacturing.

  • Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements
  • Herbal Extract/Phytochemicals

we are the fast growing Ayurvedic pharmaceutical agency engaged in growing, production and advertising wide variety of pharmaceutical merchandise throughout India. Our core energy is growing and production differentiated pharmaceutical products.

From the pen of Founders:-
PMD means to us commitment, growth, courage, discovery and strength, when we started PMD we thought it would be the beginning of a journey full of discovery as we embarked on an adventure in friendship, beauty and health. What we have to come to discover is that PMD has helped us to discover ourself, our strength and weakness. It has taught us the value of internal motivation, strength, humanity and love and in creating PMD, we had also created a stronger, more confident we.

It is not about creating a brand, it’s been a journey of discovery about friendship, creativity and entrepreneurship in the widest sense of the world. We learned that there’s no hidden secret about how things work. Almost everything is the product of hard work and perseverance, willingness to set up to achieve our goals.

PMD has become the experience of a life time that has defined us as persons and has taught us about life in ways that go far beyond beauty and business. The importance of perseverance, humanity, trust, dealing with uncertainty and taking full responsibility for our choices. For that we will forever grateful to our friendship that makes up PMD.

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